Prie avec nous

Depuis 1893, le mot d’ordre de la SIM a été “Par la prière”. Par la prière, la SIM et ses nombreux ministères ont vu Dieu faire des choses étonnantes et merveilleuses—des milliers de nouvelles églises implantées, des millions de personnes engagées dans la foi en Jésus-Christ et grandissant comme Ses disciples, et des communautés tout autour du monde transformées par la grâce de Dieu.

Les gens pensent souvent que la prière doit se faire avant de commencer un ministère. Nous croyons que la prière est un ministère en soi! Notre vision et le désir de nos cœurs sont de voir à terme plusieurs milliers d’Eglises en Afrique, en Asie, et en Amérique du Sud qui utilisent la plateforme du sport pour toucher des millions de vies avec l’amour de Jésus-Christ.


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Clique ci-dessous pour voir nos sujets de prière et de reconnaissance actuels. Nous nous excusons par avance, car pour le moment, ces sujets ne sont disponibles qu’en anglais !

  • Burkina Faso


    • Praise God for continued good health for all of our team.


    • Pray for more churches and more coaches to begin church-centered sports ministries. We would like to organize a training of coaches in the next few months but need a few more churches to participate.

    • Pray for the security situation in Burkina, and for God’s protection of our missionaries and staff there.

  • Ethiopia


    • Praise God for the Sport Friends Coordinators semi-annual meeting. Most coordinator leaders participated in the meeting. Jill gave valuable training about “Making Disciples” and many issues were discussed in the meeting and feedback given about ministries in respective churches.

    • Praise God for the successful completion of the Addis Ababa 2019 - Week of Champions program. 625 kids from 9 churches participated in these tournaments.

    • Praise God for a 2-day orientation for new and existing summer camp staff to prepare for the upcoming summer camp session.

    • Praise God for Berhanu’s wellbeing after a successful surgery.


    • Pray for the political stability of our country.

    • Pray for our preparations to conduct a-month long training for new sports ministry coordinators

  • International


    • Praise God for a wonderful celebration of 10 years of SF ministry in Thailand. Join us in giving praise to God for all that He has done over the last 10 years, and for this powerful gospel witness within a predominantly Buddhist nation.

    • Praise God that there are now more than 12,000 Sports Friends-trained coaches ministering to over 265,000 youth on a weekly basis. Lives and communities are being transformed by God’s grace!

    • Praise God for all those who support the ministry financially. We are so thankful for their partnership in the gospel!


    • Pray for the International Support Services team as they work on solidifying where the 2020 Sports Friends Global Gathering will be hosted.

    • Pray for our communications team as they look at a rebrand and refreshing of all our
    communications platforms and channels. Pray for God’s wisdom and leading throughout this process.

    • Pray for our upcoming May CAMPaign raising funds to send youth to camp. Pray that God would use this effort to stir many people to give!

    • Pray for Bob and Mary as they raise the remainder of their support, and prepare to relocate to Charlotte to serve with our International Support Services team.

    • Pray for Dting in Thailand as he works with our communications team on the rebrand. We praise God for his talents and faithfulness to serve.

    • 4 April – Pray for Jill and Ben as they work on editing 4 sets of Bible studies for coaches to use with the young people on their teams.

    • Pray for Somchai as he begins to transition from full-time language study to greater ministry engagement in the UK.

    • Pray for Dan as he works with the leadership team on how and where to create capacity within the ministry.

    • Pray for Bryan as she works with partners that will be sending 5 teams out this spring/summer.

    • Pray for Courtney as she acclimates to her new role on the International Support Services team, and for wisdom on what to focus her efforts on.

  • Ghana


    • Praise God for successful camps in Navrongo.

    • Praise God that one of our coaches had a blessed marriage ceremony.

    • Praise God for safe travels and follow up during the last couple of months.


    • 6 April - Pray for an on-going training in Accra.

    • 11-14 April – Pray for a Basic Training in Tamale.

    • Pray for Easter games in Navrongo, that Christ’s love will be shown to the youth during the games.

    • Pray for us and our families as we attend SIM Ghana SLC in early May that the Holy Spirit will minister to us during this time of fellowship.

    • Pray for a coaches phase one training in late May in Navrongo.

  • Kenya/Tanzania


    • Pray for the ongoing discipleship of the Sports Friends Kenya team, as we focus on spiritual, ministry, and skills development.

    • May 23: A student group from Messiah College will be coming to help with a residential Sports Friends camp. Pray that the coaches and young people will have a life-changing experience with the Gospel!

    • Pray for plans to launch a coaches cohort in Zanzibar, which is 95% comprised of another major world religion. Pray for ministry leaders there as they face intense persecution and lack much needed ministry resources.

    • Pray for ongoing training in Kakuma Refugee Camp. We are working with 8 newly-planted churches, mainly comprised of South Sudanese who are seeking refuge from war in their home country.

  • Malawi


    • Flooding caused by Cyclone Idai as it tore through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe has severely impacted the Sports Friends Malawi ministry. Several of our sports ministry coaches watched from trees as their homes were washed away. Please pray for our coaches, their teams, and their families who have been affected by this disaster.

  • Niger


    • Pray for the many Sports Friends-trained coaches across the country as they model sports ministry. Pray that their churches would support and encourage them.

  • Nigeria


    • Praise God for a successful basketball clinic held between February and March.

    • Praise God for the signing of 2 new MOUs between Sports Friends Nigeria and local partners.


    • 2-7 April - Pray for a one week follow up with churches

    • 4-20 April - Pray for several Basic Trainings taking place

    • 11-12 April - Pray for follow up with coaches, kids and parents

    • 22 April - Pray for a one week follow up

    • 24-27 April - Pray for a Basic Training

    • 1-4 May - Pray for a Basic Training

    • 4-6 May - Pray for a follow up visit

    • 8-11 May - Pray for several Basic Trainings taking place

    • 14 -16 May - Pray for a follow up visit

    • 20 May - Pray for a one week follow up

    • Pray for Godspeed for our staff and the EMS coordinator as they travel north for a few days.

  • Perú


    • 6 April - Pray for our recently trained 12 sports ministers in Lima as they do the initial preparations and planning to begin their ministries. Pray for good communication and support from the church leadership and for the coaches to trust God and step out in faith.

    • 27 April - Pray for our Evangelism Workshop today, reminding the coaches of the foundations of their salvation in Christ and learning how to effectively share the Gospel with youth.

    • 1 May - Pray for our recently trained sports ministers in the mountain town of Huancayo as they do the initial preparations and planning to begin their ministries. Pray for good communication and support from the church leadership and for the coaches to trust God and step out in faith.

    • 25-26 May – Pray for our Sports Friends team and trained coaches today during the Coaching Philosophy workshop, as the coaches learn how to develop a team culture that represents Christ. It takes a lot of work to develop a healthy team environment focused on Christ.

    • 30 May – 2 June - Pray for our first Basic Training in the mountain region of Puno. We are excited for how God can use it to help the Church share the Gospel and make disciples of youth in the area. Pray for our Sports Friends team and the participants, and that God would speak to each person individually and do the ultimate training!

  • Senegal


    • 2-5 April - Pray for a Basic Training happening the first week of April with 50 potential new coaches

    • Pray for 2 Easter Cup tournaments - strategically planned around the upcoming Easter holiday.

    • Pray for details and plans to come together for a team from SIM Switzerland to come in the summer to help with a camp.

    • Pray for David as he keeps the ministry going. We thank God that Philippe’s time in Senegal was valuable in many ways. Pray for the Sadio Family as they continue to await Philippe’s re-entry permit from the US government.

  • Thailand


    • Praise God for a wonderful celebration of 10 years of SF ministry in Thailand!


    • 2-6 April - Pray for a vision sharing with the 2019 Thailand Karen Baptist Convention. Pray for a good relationship with the denomination as we arrange sports competitions during the conference.

    • 15-21 April - Pray for follow up to West Thailand, that God builds a good relationship and a strong sports ministry network in this region. Pray for Kuur as he visits this region.

    • 23-25 April - Pray for a Residential Camp in the northeast -- we will have sports camps with 30 boys in this area. Pray for preparation and the Sports Friends team as they will travel 13 hours drive to Udonthani. Pray that God opens their hearts to Jesus as they share Christ’s love to others. Pray for coaches in this region to have a strong faith and stay focused on ministry.

    • Pray for the Sports Friends Thailand staff, that God would give them the strength to stay strong and good health to run the ministry over the summer.

  • U.S.A.


    • Pray for our pioneering sports ministry efforts to reach out to middle eastern refugees. Our prayer is that this will equip the church to build deeper connections with the least reached peoples whom God is bringing to the doorsteps of churches in America.

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