Prie avec nous

Depuis 1893, le mot d’ordre de la SIM a été “Par la prière”. Par la prière, la SIM et ses nombreux ministères ont vu Dieu faire des choses étonnantes et merveilleuses—des milliers de nouvelles églises implantées, des millions de personnes engagées dans la foi en Jésus-Christ et grandissant comme Ses disciples, et des communautés tout autour du monde transformées par la grâce de Dieu.

Les gens pensent souvent que la prière doit se faire avant de commencer un ministère. Nous croyons que la prière est un ministère en soi! Notre vision et le désir de nos cœurs sont de voir à terme plusieurs milliers d’Eglises en Afrique, en Asie, et en Amérique du Sud qui utilisent la plateforme du sport pour toucher des millions de vies avec l’amour de Jésus-Christ.


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Clique ci-dessous pour voir nos sujets de prière et de reconnaissance actuels. Nous nous excusons par avance, car pour le moment, ces sujets ne sont disponibles qu’en anglais !

  • Burkina Faso


    • Praise God for the few kids who continue to come to read and study the Bible after the trainings and for one of the young men, though he has not accepted Jesus yet. He continues to bring others to hear also.

    • Praise God for a better field that we are now able to use for our Saturday trainings.

    • Praise God for the kids in the ministry and the relationships that are being made.


    • 18-21 Dec – Pray for a Basic Training taking place.

    • Pray for us as we are trying to set up some kind of Ongoing Training and still working on following up with some new coaches that have been hard to get in touch with.

    • Pray for a meeting with a leader who was trained through a different sports ministry two years ago but is unsure of what to do. We are meeting to see if we can help each other.

  • Ethiopia


    • Praise God for a quarterly meeting with denominational coordinators in November. They gave us good information and praised God for what has been done in the last quarter. Praise God for all of His help to bring people to God’s kingdom.


    • Pray for Brian and some camp staff who are planning to give a training at a youth (under 16) prison center in Addis. Pray for God to help them to conduct the training effectively and also pray that God would help the kids not only to improve their character but also to see God’s plan for their life.

    • Pray for a level 2 training that is planned for this month. Pray that this training would be accomplished successfully.

    • Pray for our country’s stability and for peace in the upcoming election.

  • International


    • Praise God for progress on our rebrand and refreshing of all our communications platforms and channels. Pray for God’s continued wisdom and leading throughout this process.

    • Praise God for all those who participated in 7 Days of Prayer for the Sports Friends ministry. It was wonderful to be joined by so many people from all around the world!


    • Pray for our 2019 Year-End Appeal, that many hearts would be moved to give towards training and equipping new coaches.

    • Praise God that Thad and Courtney will be getting married on New Year’s Eve. Pray that their wedding ceremony will be a wonderful reflection of Christ’s love. Pray that all of their family and friends traveling to the wedding will be safe and that they will keep God at the center of their marriage.

    • Pray for the Global Gathering in Thailand next year. Pray that it will be a wonderful time of connecting with everyone and walking away excited about what God is doing around the world.

    • Pray for the fund development team and that they will know how to proceed as they approach the new year. Pray that God will bring in new connections that will become new partners with a heart for the Sports Friends ministry.

    • Pray for Dan’s family who had a house fire last month. We praise God with them that no one was injured and that the fire was quickly contained and put out!

    • Praise God that Mary and Bob’s kids continue to do well at their respective schools. Pray for strength and unity in marriage and family and good connections with friends, family, and supporters over the holidays.

  • Ghana


    • Praise God for His protection during our follow up meetings last month.

    • Praise God for successful vision sharing with some church leadership.


    • Pray for the many youth games taking place across Ghana in December for Christmas.

    • Pray for a Basic Training in January.

    • Pray for us to have good wisdom.

  • Kenya/Tanzania


    • Pray for the Suitt Family, that they will have a restful home assignment.

    • Pray for the Wilson Family as they continue to raise support.

    • Pray for Sports Friends Kenya as they continue to do ministry.

  • Nigeria


    • Praise God for the success recorded during the last phase of the screening of players for a football club in October.

    • Praise God for the success of a Basic Training in October.

    • Praise God for safety in traveling to different programs.

    • Praise God for the success of our first discipleship training in a new location.


    • Pray for two players on one of our teams, for God to continue to show His face to them.

    • 11-14 Dec - Pray for a Basic Training.

    • 4-7 Dec - Pray for a discipleship training taking place.

    • 9-12 Jan - Pray for a Basic Training taking place.

    • Pray for God's continued divine provision to our families and coaches around the country.

  • Perú


    • 7 Dec – Praise God for our annual Christmas Soccer Tournament and for how it brings so many churches, youth, and families together. Pray for God’s truth and message to be shared clearly in word and action and that it would be a great opportunity for the coaches to build into the youth in their ministry.

    • Praise God that our teammate, Jhon, will join us full-time in January. It’s an answer to prayer and we’re so thankful for how God has been teaching him and building him up as a leader. Pray for him as he steps into this role, that he would lean on God completely and allow God to continue guiding and teaching him.

    • Praise God for how He has worked in the lives of so many youth this past year as 101 have received Christ and a handful of those have been baptized as well. Pray that they each continue to grow in their walks with God and that their coaches will have the grace and wisdom to disciple them!


    • 12 Dec - Pray for our time at our Leader's Christmas Celebration, and that it would truly be a time to celebrate what God is doing and rejoice in who He is!

    • Pray for our SF Peru team as we go through more transitions. We’re so thankful that God is our constant and always faithful, and we continue to trust in Him!

  • Senegal


    • Pray for Philippe and David who plan to have follow up meetings in early December with those who participated in the Basic Trainings earlier this year to see if any of them have started new ministries in their areas.

    • Pray for Philippe and David who will also visit another location to see if there is the possibility to do a Basic Training there in the near future.

    • Pray for an Ongoing Training that is tentatively planned for our coaches in December, if funds are available and time permits.

    • Pray for a Basic Training scheduled for January in Dakar.

  • Thailand


    • 4-9 Dec - Pray for the Esaan Residential camp and for all the preparations. Pray for the coaches to take this opportunity to share their life and Jesus' love to kids in their team. This camp is called " True Champions," we want to see their lives grow as champions of Jesus Christ.

    • Pray for our staff to have time to rest during the Christmas and New Year break with family and friends.

    • Pray for God's guiding for Pete and Pbeemai who will finish working with Sports Friends in December. Pray that God will lead them as they work and serve Him.

    • Pray for Kuur as his church organizes the Christmas cup in his village where 5-6 churches will join in this tournament. Pray for good relationships with churches that Kuur is working with.

    • Pray for our new staff member who is taking over Noot's role. Pray for her to learn and understand about her job and ministry well.

    • Pray for a number of people who are exploring the possibility of serving with Sports Friends in Thailand.

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