Prie avec nous

Depuis 1893, le mot d’ordre de la SIM a été “Par la prière”. Par la prière, la SIM et ses nombreux ministères ont vu Dieu faire des choses étonnantes et merveilleuses—des milliers de nouvelles églises implantées, des millions de personnes engagées dans la foi en Jésus-Christ et grandissant comme Ses disciples, et des communautés tout autour du monde transformées par la grâce de Dieu.

Les gens pensent souvent que la prière doit se faire avant de commencer un ministère. Nous croyons que la prière est un ministère en soi! Notre vision et le désir de nos cœurs sont de voir à terme plusieurs milliers d’Eglises en Afrique, en Asie, et en Amérique du Sud qui utilisent la plateforme du sport pour toucher des millions de vies avec l’amour de Jésus-Christ.


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Clique ci-dessous pour voir nos sujets de prière et de reconnaissance actuels. Nous nous excusons par avance, car pour le moment, ces sujets ne sont disponibles qu’en anglais !

  • Burkina Faso


    • Praise for God's provision and for good health for our family!


    • Pray for Holley's family who will be visiting for a few weeks. Pray for safe flights and a nice time together.

    • 8 Feb - Pray for Chris who is teaching at a local Bible College to graduating seniors on how sports can be used as a tool for evangelism.

    • Pray for our one Sports Friends-trained coach that he can find more free time for trainings.

    • Pray for the team that Chris trains, that they would continue to ask questions about God and develop those relationships.

    • Pray for the security situation in BF as many missionaries are leaving because their ministries are becoming too unsafe for foreigners.

    • Pray for more opportunities to train new coaches and for more churches to become partners with us.

  • Ethiopia


    • Praise God for His protection when we traveled. We had good visiting, evaluation and discussion time with ministry coordinators, and also vision sharing for church leaders.

    • Praise God for the sports ministry coordinators semi-annual meeting. Even though the political situation made travel difficult from far distances, most of the leaders participated in the meeting. Many ministry testimonies and issues were raised and discussed in the meeting. Praise God for these leaders for their good work; and self-initiation to bring people to God’s Kingdom.

    • Praise God for His help in executing the ministry for the last 5 years successfully. In January 2019 the Sport Friends Ethiopia office had a 5 Years Ministry Review where stakeholders and beneficiaries were interviewed by randomly selected Church Leaders.


    • 3 – 17 Feb - Pray for the Week of Champions. Pray that God would help us to have a safe trip and to execute these football competitions in a comprehensive way.

    • Pray for our country’s political stability.

  • International


    • Praise God for a great time with 32 of our denominational coordinators in Ethiopia, working through the Disciple Making Training Course and making plans for how to train coaches with this material.

    • 14-19 Feb - Praise God for 10 years of SF ministry in Thailand and SE Asia! Pray for our celebration events.

    • Praise God for Mary who will be writing some stories for our SF blog. Pray that the Lord would give her the time and creativity she needs for this task!

    • Praise God for all those who gave gifts in our year-end giving campaign. We are so thankful for their partnership in the gospel!


    • Pray for Bryan as she organizes logistics for short-term teams that will travel in 2019.

    • Pray for the planning of the upcoming 2020 SF Global Gathering. We need to determine the location of where the conference will be.

    • Pray for Bryan as she rewrites and reorganizes the short-term handbooks.

    • Pray for our communications team as they carry out an extensive review of all our current channels and platforms. Pray for God’s wisdom and leading throughout this process.

    • 11-13 Feb - Pray for Jill and the SF Thailand team as they work through the disciple making training course and consider how it might be applied in their context and useful for coaches in Thailand.

    • Pray for Jill and Ben who are working on developing some new Bible Study materials for coaches to use with their teams.

  • Ghana


    • Praise God for a great time of fellowship with our coordinators in Kumasi.

    • Praise God for journey mercies throughout the last year.

    • Praise God for the amazing things He is doing through the Sports Friends ministry.


    • 4-7 Feb - Pray for Ben as he attends Bible college. Pray for good study time.

    • 9 Feb - Pray for a leadership seminar.

    • 11- 15 Feb - Pray for a good time and fellowship with a Sports Friends board member.

    • 24 – 28 Feb - Pray for a vision sharing with Tumu local council of churches.

    • 4- 8 March - Pray for a coaches training in Tamale.

    • 11 – 14 March – Pray for a basic training in Goshegu.

    • 18 – 21 March - Pray for a coach’s meeting in Chiana.

    • Pray for God's protection as we travel around for follow up throughout March.

  • Kenya/Tanzania


    • 15 – 16 Feb - Pray for us as we will be hosting our first Coaches Cohort. The Coaches Cohort is a series of 3 follow-ups spread out over 6 months designed to a follow Basic Training to help give those coaches the best opportunity for success.

    • Pray for us as we are taking February to prepare for our 3 short-term teams who will be helping us to run our Special Needs and Sports Camps.

    • Pray for a two-year Leadership & Personal Development program we will be launching to better equip our SF Staff in two areas: 1) How to lead a discipleship-making movement 2) Coaching and skills training.

    • Pray for us that by March we can hire a female national staff member to help coach and disciple the female coaches.

  • Malawi


    • Praise God that there are now more than 500 trained sports ministry leaders reaching well over 15,000 young people on a weekly basis and the work continues to expand into new areas.


    • Pray for several of our Sports Friends coaches who are experiencing persecution and life-threatening situations because of their faith.

  • Niger


    • Praise God for the opportunity to share the Gospel with several softball teams at a day camp in December.


    • Pray for the coaches who live in an area that is now closed to westerners at this time. Pray that God would strengthen them and continue to help them to live out their faith and share with their teams.

    • Pray for some vision sharing meetings with a few different denominations.

  • Nigeria


    • Praise God for his mercies as we conducted basic trainings successfully.

    • Praise God for the success granted to us when we conducted funfair games.

    • Praise God for a successful President's Cup tournament finals.

    • Praise God for a peaceful Christmas celebration and holidays for our staff.

    • Praise God as we received a call from Joseph to say that he has started the program in his church.


    • 1-2 Feb – Pray for a basic training

    • 11-14 Feb - Pray for a follow up with trained coaches.

    • 25 – 28 Feb - Pray for a follow up with trained coaches

    • Pray for the football team that a group has decided to form to truly represent the Lord when established.

    • Pray for God's provisions and dependence for our staff as the economy of the country deteriorates.

    • 27 – 30 March - Pray for a basic training

    • Please pray for the Nigerian general elections that will be held in the month of February that God will appoint men and women who will come and do His will.

  • Perú


    • 2 Feb - Pray for a soccer tournament for ministries geared towards young adults. Please pray for the coaches especially, as they continue to learn to lead their teams with love, to give a good example, and to minister to the players personally.

    • 9 Feb - Pray for the workshop we will have to share the vision with pastors and leaders who are part of our denominational partnership, and that God would prepare these leaders to have God’s heart to reach out to their communities and develop a sports ministry if that’s what God would lead them to do.

    • 28 Feb – 3 March – Pray for a Basic Training, as we are training and preparing church leaders to begin and continue leading a sports ministry in their communities through their church. Pray that God ultimately would be the One preparing them and giving them the love, confidence, boldness, and passion they need to serve in this capacity.

    • 28 Feb – 3 March – Pray for the leaders attending the Basic Training in the mountain region of Huancayo. Please pray that God ultimately would be the One preparing them and giving them the love, confidence, boldness, and passion, they need to serve in this capacity.

  • Senegal


    • Praise God that Philippe finally received his US green card shortly before Christmas! Pray for the Sadios as they now await the reentry permit that would enable them to live and serve in Senegal for the next 2 years.


    • Pray for Philippe’s time in Senegal from Jan 27-March 24. Pray specifically as he & David meet with the SIM Senegal Director to review and discuss the future plans for the SF Senegal project as it needs to be renewed this year.

    • Pray for the visit of SF Board members to Senegal in February.

    • 2 Feb - Pray for the Christmas Cup final. The church is planning to show the movie of the nativity and do a drama to share the gospel with the community. Pray for the softening of people’s hearts to truly hear and receive the Truth!

    • Pray for Coach David and his assistant as they are starting a new club in an area where they are facing some opposition. Pray for wisdom and for God’s protection over them and their families.

    • Pray for Coach Issa and his assistants as they manage 6 clubs. Coach Issa says the kids are always excited to come to the program to play and they love to be part of the Discovery Bible study. Praise God!

  • Thailand


    • On Feb 18 we will hold a worship and thanksgiving service celebrating all that God has done over the last 10 years of the Sports Friends ministry in Thailand. May all the glory go to Him!


    • Please pray for our SF Thailand 10-year celebration event beginning with a tournament on Feb 15. Pray for safety for all the coaches and kids who will travel to Chiang Mai for this event.

    • Pray for our Thai staff as they continue to follow up with coaches around the country. Pray that our team would be a great encouragement and support, and point coaches to Christ!

    • Pray for the Lahu Conference (TLBC) on March 2 where Sports Friends will help with a sports tournament for the youth.

    • Pray for the remaining process involved in registering our branch office in Bangkok, particularly with current changes and uncertainty around work permit and visa requirements for volunteers.

  • U.S.A.


    • Praise God for two Jesus-following families who are involving their kids in our program as they volunteer and help lead/coach.

    • Praise God for Becca’s work with the refugee girls and women and how it has paved the way for many other Jesus-loving women to come love their neighbors. Becca is a friend to these women and God is using her to holistically change the trajectory of their lives forever.

    • Praise God for our incredible neighbors. A movement is happening where people are not viewing other people as projects but as friends and in those friendships, our community is beginning to flourish. Walls are coming down, fear is being dissolved, and Jesus is being seen for who he is.

    • Praise God for a wonderful volunteer appreciation lunch that we had on January 5th.

    • Praise God for one specific Afghan women who has opened up so much to us and who Becca truly sees as a sister. Our hope is "to put the hand of this stranger into the hand of the Savior." -Rosaria Butterfield


    • Pray for our time in the park every Wednesday and now many weekends.

    • Pray for more followers of Christ to move into our neighborhood and commit to be advocates & friends for these neighbors we love.

    • Pray for our home church as they are starting an outreach with the refugee men of our community. We are really excited about this new initiative to love our neighbors and create a friendly space in the neighborhood for them to gather and play. This will be a wonderful connection point for people from the church to cross paths and connect with our newest neighbors who don’t know Jesus.

    • Pray for our kids to grow and thrive in their school settings.

    • Pray for the Lord Jesus to continue to give us more of His Holy Spirit in our lives as we constantly open our home to our neighbors.

    • Pray for our many neighbors who do not know and trust in Jesus to put their trust in Him.

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