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  • Happy Peruvian Independence day from our favorite, llama-befriending, team member, Jhon! #Peru https://t.co/QOhnNqbJBh
  • @Naladda1 Yes, he's made a good recovery. Praise God!
  • A bookstore down the street from our Sports Friends Peru office have given us a great deal on Bibles so that we can… https://t.co/08g24vHrmG
  • "If you make disciples, you always get the church. But if you make a church, you rarely get disciples. Effective di… https://t.co/lYVCkP6cDM
  • It's International Friendship Day! We'd tell you to go give your buddies a big hug, but why not send this to them a… https://t.co/JBEZTHX2Cb
  • Chisomo has been working with Sports Friends for several years and is making an AMAZING impact on the lives of wome… https://t.co/1pLNKpS90O
  • Playing a sport is so much more than just that! It's giving youth an opportunity to see that they have value. Sport… https://t.co/7H7Qjq14YC
  • RT @SIMUKHQ: Many of the summer camps that @sports_friends usually run have been cancelled or postponed due to the current pandemic, so let…
  • Back in June, Coach Waldemar in Peru contracted COVID-19. From his hospital bed in Lima, he wrote this moving lette… https://t.co/GhbTGvW3BC
  • Did you know we have a whole library of awesome videos in Vimeo to check out? https://t.co/eTqVGwmXjk https://t.co/NcGafe0jpI
  • Meet Mercy, the office coordinator for Sports Friends Kenya. Our team couldn't do what they do without her. Check i… https://t.co/GHlp0ZBYVp
  • “The cost of discipleship is to live the life God has given us, serving in mundane ways the people he's put in our… https://t.co/6A6WkRYZiv

Somos un ministerio de SIM

Estamos convencidos de que nadie debe vivir y morir sin escuchar las Buenas Nuevas de Dios.
Es por eso que creemos que Dios nos ha llamado a hacer discípulos del Señor Jesucristo en las
comunidades donde es menos conocido, usando la poderosa plataforma de los deportes.

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