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  • Working on those skills! Rain or shine. Dirt of grass. We are here for it! https://t.co/jGqBNu2ycY
  • Happy face 😁 Happy heart 🧡 Happy camper ✅ https://t.co/SCcMF43CKM
  • Training that next generation of disciple-makers in Peru! 🙌🏾🇵🇪⚽️ https://t.co/1ThyobjeTa
  • What does it take to be a coach? A whole lot of patience and a whole lot of love! And a little bit of training! E… https://t.co/YrsMh8VybT
  • The Sports Friends Thailand team supports more than 400 coaches who are active in leading sports ministry initiativ… https://t.co/bRaS7BUku1
  • We are committed to prayer in everything we do. Would you join us in prayer by signing up for our daily prayer upda… https://t.co/ryWpYArP3D
  • John is from Malawi’s eastern region. This area is populated with followers of powerful religious cults. We first v… https://t.co/DTdoHesxJR
  • Having good role models is important at every age. Even when you are super little (and cute)! https://t.co/pDHFAyxER9
  • Interested in joining a short-term team or possibly going long-term? Check out our website to learn more:… https://t.co/mUDgKfMjEe
  • Short-term teams have been a huge blessing to our ministry, but it's been extra special to have teams serve with ou… https://t.co/k4zvgVbxMz
  • Last summer, Hope Church in Richmond, Virginia embarked on their eighth trip to Ethiopia to share God’s love at a S… https://t.co/WF8AQ00FFz
  • There are lots of good reasons for girls to participate in sports from increased health to higher self image. But o… https://t.co/w9Lt7WaLX2

Somos un ministerio de SIM

Estamos convencidos de que nadie debe vivir y morir sin escuchar las Buenas Nuevas de Dios.
Es por eso que creemos que Dios nos ha llamado a hacer discípulos del Señor Jesucristo en las
comunidades donde es menos conocido, usando la poderosa plataforma de los deportes.

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