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  • Ever feel like God might be calling you to pastures new?
  • It's easy to think that the most important thing is what happens on the pitch, but we often see God working on the… https://t.co/ABuw0h4yT2
  • Happy Monday from #Ghana! What are you excited for this week? https://t.co/v74JeWMGpI
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  • "I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don… https://t.co/6CtCYJ1g3q
  • Praise God that we were able to provide Basic Trainings for almost 50 new coaches in Ethiopia. Pray for these coach… https://t.co/l0btSqzl8E
  • Praise God for the opportunity to bring several of our church-centered teams together for a soccer tournament hoste… https://t.co/uvDdSv3uKh
  • Camps in Thailand wouldn't be possible without these awesome ladies. Thanks Noot and Alyssa! https://t.co/ou1szyQdBV
  • Sometimes you just need a big dose of encouragement! Who are you going to encourage today? https://t.co/JxmyeDsbzS
  • We may not speak the same language, but with a little creativity and some patience we can find ways to get to know… https://t.co/6VOhCqwFJT
  • One of the special things that happen at our Basic Training is that coaches get to worship together. It's incredibl… https://t.co/4z4D5tYD84
  • Parlez-vous français? We have our "Stories from the Field" booklet available in French! Check it out here:… https://t.co/NmgurvLt6t
  • Every field looks different. Some are a little rough around the edges, but that doesn't stop our guys. We recently… https://t.co/USGZffnTNW

Somos un ministerio de SIM

Convencidos de que nadie debe vivir y morir sin haber escuchado las buenas nuevas de Dios,
creemos que Él nos llamó a hacer discípulos del Señor Jesucristo en comunidades
donde es menos conocido usando la poderosa plataforma de los deportes.

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