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  • Ever feel like God might be calling you to pastures new?
  • Gearing up for day two of camp in #Thailand. Not a bad view! https://t.co/qULYzbf4sP
  • "Pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." (1 T… https://t.co/5o1pkKrjQF
  • 7 Days of Prayer: Pray for our staff and missionaries, that God would empower them to serve faithfully and effectiv… https://t.co/hj8ny23Egx
  • 7 Days of Prayer: Praise God for those who faithfully support SF. Pray that the Lord would raise up more partners t… https://t.co/YeQBgOq2QT
  • It's Photographer Appreciation Month! Thankful for all the incredible people who capture what God is doing around t… https://t.co/yBgkYadMrR
  • 7 Days of Prayer: Pray for church leaders and pastors that we work with around the world, in particular those who a… https://t.co/BUbHEHPxVp
  • 7 Days of Prayer: Join us in reflecting on God’s wonderful provision and grace for the SF ministry. We give all glo… https://t.co/HCXGQNXtAF
  • Would you consider sponsoring a girl to go to camp this year or a new female coach to be trained?… https://t.co/bS12aU2kaV
  • 7 Days of Prayer: Pray that the Lord would bring more workers to fill the many openings we have to serve with Sports Friends globally. (2/2)
  • It's National Bosses Day! Tag your boss if they lead like this! #NationalBossesDay https://t.co/BlABwBUFnR
  • Cooling down after a hot day of camp in #Thailand https://t.co/H7bd92kbBM
  • "2 are better than 1, [...] For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow." (Ecl. 9) Amen for teams who protect, ca… https://t.co/lVq7HEFQ64

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