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Since 1893, SIM's motto has been "By Prayer." By prayer, SIM and its many ministries have seen God do amazing and marvelous things—thousands of new churches planted, millions coming to faith in Jesus Christ and growing as His disciples, and communities all over the world transformed by God's grace.

People often think of prayer as something we do before we begin ministry. However, we believe that prayer is a ministry by itself. Our vision and hearts' desire is to ultimately see many thousands of churches in Africa, Asia, and South America using the platform of sports to touch millions of lives with the love of Jesus Christ.


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  • Burkina Faso


    • Praise God for new churches to partner and work with.


    • 1-3 Aug - Pray for our first group training of coaches.

    • Pray for more open doors in other churches.

    • Pray for a young man who has been a constant presence in our house. He is very interested in the Bible and its teachings.

  • Ethiopia


    • Praise God for the successful completion of a Sports Ministry Coordinators training which was held for a month. 20 ministers have graduated, and we thank God for His great help.

    • Praise God for the first 3 weeks of the camp program where many young people came and gave their life to Jesus. Praise God for this program and for all of our devoted volunteers.

    • Praise God for the short-term team who came to join and serve at summer camps.


    • 29 July – 9 Aug - Pray for the remaining summer camp program and that God would give us the strength to complete it well.

    • Pray for the camp staff that God would give them wisdom and that they would be godly role models during the camping session.

  • International


    • Praise God for all those who gave gifts towards our summer CAMPaign. We are so thankful for their partnership in the gospel!


    • Pray for Jill as she continues to settle into life and work now based in Thailand, and takes on the Regional Director role for Southeast Asia.

    • Pray for Bob and Mary as they prepare to relocate to Charlotte to serve with our International Support Services team. Pray that they quickly find a house to move into, and for their children as they begin at new schools.

    • Pray for our communications team as they work on our rebrand and refreshing of all our communications platforms and channels. Pray for God’s wisdom and leading throughout this process.

    • Pray for Dting in Thailand as he works with our communications team on the rebrand. We praise God for his talents and faithfulness to serve!

    • Pray for the International Support Services Team as they begin planning for next year in August and September.

    • Pray for Courtney’s transition into the new Fund Development position for the International Support Services team. She will also be moving at the end of August/beginning of September, so pray that that time of transition goes smoothly and that she adjusts quickly to new surroundings.

    • Pray for growth of Bob and Mary’s support team. Mary is working in a local urgent care to supplement income.

  • Ghana


    • Praise God for a successful Coaches Training and youth camp in Navrongo and in Tamale.


    • 2-6 Aug - Pray for a residential camp with Bishara missions.

    • Pray for Ben as he continues his Master in Leadership program in the university throughout August.

    • Pray for God's wisdom as we lead the ministry in Ghana.

    • 9-13 Sept - Pray for a Phase II Coaches Training.

    • Pray for God's wisdom as we do annual planning this September.

  • Kenya/Tanzania


    • Pray for the follow ups from the special needs camps. Pray for the families as they continue to receive healing and for our coaches as they lead the healing groups.

    • Pray for some of the Sports Friends coaches who will be taking a trip to Kakuma refugee camp to visit two coaches who are working there. Pray that we will be able to be an encouragement and know how to move forward.

    • Pray for a new church mission opportunity we have at the coast. Pray for wisdom and discernment on how to proceed.

    • Pray for Shaun's health as is he is recovering from foot surgery. Pray for their family to finish raising support soon as well so they can return to the field.

    • Pray for the female coaches to be able to be effectively ministering to the youth and connecting with the younger kids, and their families.

    • Pray for the youth and families, that there will be unity.

    • Pray for the Sports Friends staff as we begin planning and preparation for next year’s special needs camps.

    • Pray for Shaun as he continues to develop a plan for Sports Friends ministry that will be effective to every denomination and group we encounter.

    • Pray for our Sports Friends team, that we will be of one mind and spirit.

  • Malawi


    • Praise God for the fruitful day camps we had in Machinga and Lilongwe both for boys and girls. Many young people surrendered their lives to Christ.

    • Praise God for the many coaches who are faithfully serving the Lord through this ministry.

    • Praise God that many people have been introduced to Christ and are getting plugged in to the body of Christ.


    • 5-9 Aug - Pray for our summer residential netball camp in the southern region of Malawi.

    • 12-16 Aug - Pray for a residential football camp in the eastern region of Malawi.

    • 20-23 Aug - Pray for a Training of Trainers in the eastern region.

    • 3-6 Sept - Pray for a Basic Training.

    • 11-14 Sept - Pray for netball coaching trainings.

    • 23-25 Sept - Pray for our prayer and planning retreat.

  • Niger


    • Pray for the churches to desire to reach out to their communities in new ways and for more churches to see how sport can be used to reach the youth in their neighborhoods.

    • Pray for the coaches and teams as they will be stopping meeting together as they all go to work in their fields. Pray for good rains and a good harvest.

  • Nigeria


    • Praise God for a successful follow up in June.

    • Praise God for a successful Coaches Training in June.

    • Praise God for a successful signing of a new partnership agreement.

    • Praise God for a successful Basic Training in July.


    • 2-5 Aug - Pray for a camp.

    • 7-10 Aug - Pray for a Basic Training.

    • 7-10 Aug - Pray for a camp.

    • 15-18 Aug and 29 Aug -1 Sept - Pray for a vision sharing with the youth.

    • 27-30 Aug - Pray for a camp.

    • 6-8 Sept - Pray for a follow up.

    • 11-14 Sept - Pray for a Discipleship Training.

    • 27-29 Sept - Pray for a Coaches Training.

  • Perú


    • Praise God for Erico and Claudia and the ways that God worked in them and through them during their short-term service with Sports Friends Peru. Please pray for a safe return home to Brazil and that God would continue to lead and guide them.

    • Pray for Paris and Lindsay to have a restful, rejuvenating and encouraging Home Assignment.

    • 28 Sept – Praise God for a church who is coming together to host a soccer tournament! Please pray for a time of unity, for God’s truth to be shared and represented amongst the teams, and for a time of safe fun!

    • Pray for unity, team work, love and grace for our Sports Friends Peru team.

  • Senegal


    • Praise God that the Sadio Family safely returned to Senegal on July 6th after 2 years in the US! Please continue to pray as they get settled and adjust once again, and for the necessary reentry permit to be approved by the US government.

    • Pray for our two Sports Friends summer overnight camps that will take place in August. Pray for all who will be involved in both camps; particularly that the message and love of Jesus would clearly go forth into the hearts of the kids attending with their coaches.

    • Pray for us as the camps mark the end of this ministry year as the rainy season begins and many kids are needed to help their families in the fields. Pray for kids and coaches alike during this time, that their relationships would continue to grow despite not meeting regularly for the sports clubs.

    • Pray for Philippe and David as they work together in September and communicate with the coaches to do an evaluation of the 2018-2019 ministry year. Pray for wisdom as they begin talking through plans for next year.

  • Southeast Asia


    • Praise God for how He led us through the Regional Coordinator Training and Provincial Coordinator Training.


    • 6-9 August – Pray for follow up and vision sharing.

    • 27-30 August – Pray for a Coaches Training for 30 coaches.

    • 9-19 September – Pray follow up and vision sharing.

  • Thailand


    • 17 Aug/21 Sept – Pray for the Chiang Mai League.

    • 8-13 August – Pray for the TKBC Camp in Ratchaburi - pray for a safe, fun, and fruitful camp for the 100-120 Karen young people and their coaches. Pray that God may open the hearts of the young people to see Jesus. Pray for energy, love and servant hearts amongst the team, volunteers and coaches as they serve the young people.

    • 8-19th August - Pray for a family from the UK exploring opportunities to serve with SIM/Sports Friends in Thailand during this time.

    • 22-26th August – Pray for Pbeemai doing follow-up with coaches in Isaan.

    • 25-30th August – Pray for Pete doing follow-up with coaches in Pitsanalok and Tak.

    • 26-28th August – Pray for Kuur doing follow-up with coaches in Phetburi.

    • 30th August - Pray for Alyssa as she returns to the USA for her Home Assignment. Give thanks for her faithful service with Sports Friends during her first term.

    • 24-27th Sept – Pray for a Coaching Course in Chiang Mai. Pray for the team as they provide further coaching and ministry training to the coaches.

  • U.S.A.


    • Praise God for the success our U12 boys refugee team had at a recent tournament. The 2-day tournament provided a lot of time together and there were lots of questions from the boys and their parents about Jesus.

    • Praise God for our first Sports Friends Coaches Training that was in July. Praise God for the five coaches who attended.

    • Praise God for a SIM family who has moved into our neighborhood to join with us in July.

    • Praise God for His stirring in 15 Christians to join us in a prayer and fasting movement. This time was such a blessing as we sought the Lord for breakthrough in our own lives and the lives of our neighbors.

    • Praise God for our local church and several individuals using their different gifts to create spaces to meet and love on our neighbors.


    • Pray for more Jesus-loving coaches and sports ministers to step up to the plate. We need more coaches so that we are not coaching multiple teams at a time.

    • Pray for an afterschool program that we started in the park. It is currently in one public school but others with high refugee populations are asking for it and we need more volunteers to do it well so that the refugee children benefit and thrive. Pray for Christians to fill the volunteer roles.

    • Pray for our significant funding needs.

    • Pray for our five boys refugee teams as they begin their local rec league play.

    • Pray for the Holy Spirit to break into our neighbors’ lives.

    • Pray for others to join us in prayer and fasting every Sunday.

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