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Since 1893, SIM's motto has been "By Prayer." By prayer, SIM and its many ministries have seen God do amazing and marvelous things—thousands of new churches planted, millions coming to faith in Jesus Christ and growing as His disciples, and communities all over the world transformed by God's grace.

People often think of prayer as something we do before we begin ministry. However, we believe that prayer is a ministry by itself. Our vision and hearts' desire is to ultimately see many thousands of churches in Africa, Asia, and South America using the platform of sports to touch millions of lives with the love of Jesus Christ.


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  • Camp Langano, Ethiopia


    • Praise God for the great staff that we have here at camp!

    • Praise God for new ideas that have been implemented at camp this summer. The campers seem to be positively affected by them.


    • Aug 1-25: Keep praying for our camping season that will end on August 25. Pray that the gospel would be received well by all campers and that they would have good follow up from their coaches.

    • Aug: Pray for unity within our summer staff and the different ministries on our compound.

    • Sep 13-16: We are hosting a training for a group about 45 minutes from us who brings their students to our camp. They were so impressed by the life change in their students that they are bringing their whole teaching staff of 25 to camp this week!

  • Ethiopia


    • Praise God for a recent Street Kids Camp and a Discipleship Camp that were held at Camp Langano. The feedback we received was encouraging. Some of the youth have been reconciled to their families since their return home from camp. We praise God for this.

    • Praise God for a recent Basic Training in Alamata. There were 64 participants. God gave us an amazing time together, and we are praying that God will bring much fruit from the training.

    • Praise God for a recent trip that SF leaders made to Kibremengest, Jimma, and Soddo. Our team spent time encouraging some church partners we have in these areas, and found the time very fruitful. We praise God for His great help and companionship.

    • Praise God for a leadership meeting that we had at the SF Head Office in June. Many issues were discussed including ministry challenges and blessings. We thank God for this great discussion.

  • Ghana


    • Praise God for successful follow up meetings over the last several months.


    • Aug 2-6: Pray for our team as they work with a ministry partner to run a camp for 400 youth in Tamale.

    • Aug 16-20: Pray for an upcoming Basic Training in Tamale with one of our partners, Bishara Missions.

    • Aug 28-31: Pray for a camp in Dodowa with the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

    • Sep 11-22: Pray for the Denominational Coordinators training. Pray that this time of training will be encouraging, insightful, and fruitful.

    • Pray for the leadership team in Ghana as they lead the ministry.

    • Pray that God will use our Ghanaian coaches to be a blessing to the youth on their teams and also to their families.

  • International/U.S. Office


    • Praise God for the many people who prayerfully and financially support the Sports Friends ministry. Pray that God would raise up additional partners to support our continuing growth.

    • Praise God for three new missionary units that are in the process of raising support to begin working as a part of our staff team.

    • Praise God for the Sports Friends 2017 CAMPaign, which brought in over $100,000 USD! These funds will provide partial or full scholarships for many of the 10,000 young people we hope to send to a Sports Friends camp in 2017.

    • Praise God for Dting’s work on the SF website, and all that he does behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.

    • Praise God for an amazing time in Ethiopia with our short-term teams. God did a tremendous work not only in the lives of the campers, but also in the lives of the short-termers that served.

    • Praise God for the many people who continue to give to the Sports Friends ministry and the many gifts that are processed.


    • Pray that the Lord will add more workers for His harvest and fill the many openings we have to serve with Sports Friends around the world.

    • Pray for our communications team as they seek to creatively share all that God is doing through the Sports Friends ministry around the world.

    • Pray for Cat and Somchai as they transition to the UK by the end of this year. Praise God that they will continue to serve with Sports Friends from a UK base.

    • Please pray for Bryan as she focuses on annual planning for the new year. Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance on what priorities God wants her to focus on.

    • Pray for Michelle as she prepares to serve the SIM Board of Governors in August.

    • Pray for Michelle as she prepares the annual planning documents for each of our fields.

    • Please pray for God to bring new team members to fill all of our ministry opportunity listings.

  • Kenya/Tanzania


    • Praise God for the new special needs ministries that have been launched within SIM Kenya and across three denominations. This ministry launch was a result of a Sports Friends camp for children with physical disabilities. Pray for the denominations and the SIM missionaries that will be carrying this ministry forward.


    • Aug: Pray for the pastors, church leaders and coaches ministering in the coastal regions. There have been recent attacks by militant extremists. Pray for the families impacted by the attacks.

    • Aug 3-4: Pray for a Basic Training being held with Full Gospel Churches of Kenya.

    • Aug 8th: Pray for the Kenyan elections today. Pray that they would be fair, peaceful and non-violent.

    • Aug 23-24: Pray for Shaun as he spends time encouraging church leaders impacted by recent terrorist attacks and works with them to plan our discipleship strategy.

    • Sep: Pray as we focus on training and developing leaders to work among a specific unreached people group.

  • Malawi


    • We thank God for our first two denominational partners. They took the initiative of running two Basic Trainings this year.

    • We thank God that we had a successful Basic Training with a new denomination in the eastern region which is predominantly another religion.

    • We thank God for the safe travel we had for all our trips in June and July as well as strength for the Sports Friends team.


    • 2-5 Aug: Please pray for a football camp in the northern region of Malawi. We hope to have 60 campers! We rely on your prayer support as we plan and conduct our summer ministry camps. Please continue to pray for God’s provision and blessing on this ministry!

    • 1-4 Aug: Please pray for a Basic Training in the eastern region of Malawi with the EBCM denomination.

    • 15-18 Aug: Pray for a successful Training of Trainers this week.

    • 21-24 Aug: Pray for the Coaching Course that will take place this week.

    • Pray for Kaipa’s son who had a fall in July and is currently in the hospital with some broken bones.

    • 20-24 Sep: Please pray for our annual prayer and planning retreat. Pray that God would lead and guide us during this time!

  • Niger


    • Pray for Jonathan as he leads the ministry while Jeremy and Beki are back in the U.S. on Home Assignment.

    • Pray that churches in Niger will grasp the vision of sports ministry and for God to open doors for the gospel to move through it.

  • Nigeria


    • We praise God for granting the Nigerian team safety as they have done much traveling within and surrounding Plateau state. This travel was to follow up with church partners in the last two months. These are dangerous areas for Christians to be working. We are grateful for God’s protection.

    • Praise God for a successful primary school basketball clinic/training and tournament recently held in Jos.

    • Praise God for a successful and fruitful Basic Training recently held with the Anglican Diocese of Bukuru.


    • Pray for the ongoing growth and discipleship of a group that recently placed their faith in Jesus. Please pray that their faith would be firmly rooted and that it would bear much fruit in their lives.

    • September: Pray for an upcoming Basic Training that we have in the Adamawa state in town of Numan.

    • Pray for follow up with various ministry partners in the next couple of months. Please pray that it would be an encouraging and fruitful time as we visit with ministry partners. Please also pray for safe travels as we go.
           • Aug: Kalgo, Northwestern Nigeria
           • Sept: Malunfashi, Northern Nigeria
           • Sept: Follow Up Meetings with the Anglican Diocese of Bukuru

    • Pray for 3 camps coming up. Please pray that God would use these camps to deepen the relationships between the coaches and the youth on their team.
           • Aug 10-13: Soccer camps will be held in Jos and Takum.
           • Sep 1-4: A basketball camp will be in Jos.

  • Perú


    • Aug 3-6: Pray for our team as they conduct another Basic Training in the mountains with IEP (denominational partner). We are so thankful for our brothers and sisters who have participated already and for how God has used it to help each one of us grow. Please pray for us as we enter into our second year of partnership with them and that God would give us wisdom as we seek to encourage and be a blessing to them.

    • Aug 6: Pray for the arrival of Erico and Claudia, our new team members from Brazil. Please pray for them as they settle in and enter into their orientation time on the field.

    • Sep: Pray for our second annual Spring Soccer Tournament as we celebrate all that God is doing. Pray that it would be a time of unity for the various teams, testifying to God’s goodness, and continued declaration of His love and saving grace.

    • Sep: Pray for the Lord to give us wisdom as we work on annual planning and that the Holy Spirit would guide our time.

    • Sep 30: Paris and Lindsay leave for a 2 month Home Assignment. Please pray for them to have a blessed time of training, visits with supporters, prayer meetings, and all the travel fitting into a small time frame!

  • Thailand


    • Please pray for the Thailand team and pray that God will protect them while traveling, and that the Lord would strengthen and guide them through His Holy Spirit.

    • Praise God we have a team from Messiah College serving in Thailand from 15-24 August! Pray for safe travels as they visit various ministries. Pray too that their time would be an encouragement to them and to all those they work alongside.

    • Pray for a football league in Chiang Rai taking place on 2 September. Pray that the coaches and youth that attend would be encouraged to play together, and hear more about God’s love for them.

    • We’re excited to be running an advanced Coaching Course from 11-15 September for a number of our Thai coaches. Pray that it would be a great time of fellowship and learning together!

    • Pray for Somchai as he facilitates annual planning with our Lahu partners from 25-27 September. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as they plan ahead for the next 12 months.

    • Please pray for Alyssa as she will be leaving soon from the U.S. to serve with our team in Bangkok. Please pray that God will grant her traveling mercies, and a great transition to her new life in Thailand as she serves with our team there.

    • Praise God for encouraging follow up with many of our coaches across Thailand. It is so exciting to see the fruit of this ministry, and the ways that God is working in powerful ways through these godly coaches!

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