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Since 1893, SIM's motto has been "By Prayer." By prayer, SIM and its many ministries have seen God do amazing and marvelous things—thousands of new churches planted, millions coming to faith in Jesus Christ and growing as His disciples, and communities all over the world transformed by God's grace.

People often think of prayer as something we do before we begin ministry. However, we believe that prayer is a ministry by itself. Our vision and hearts' desire is to ultimately see many thousands of churches in Africa, Asia, and South America using the platform of sports to touch millions of lives with the love of Jesus Christ.


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  • Camp Langano, Ethiopia


    • Pray for all involved with Camp Langano. We have recently had to evacuate the compound again and we are trying to determine the future of the ministry there.

    • Pray for the people we were serving in Langano that they wouldn’t be deceived by the enemy and that they would see the truth and desire to know it.

    • Pray for our SF Ethiopia leadership that we would have wisdom in knowing what steps to take next with the camp ministry here.

  • Ethiopia


    • Praise God for His great protection, help, and leading to execute our work even though our country’s political situation has been difficult.

    • Praise God for a successful two-day Basic Training for 17 volunteer coaches in Addis Ababa.

    • Praise God for a good quarterly meeting with most of the Denominational Coordinators in the Addis Ababa, SF Office. During this time, many issues were discussed and different valuable ideas were raised. Praise God for their good work and self-initiation to bring people to God’s kingdom.


    • Pray for our country’s political situation, that the problems would be resolved completely.

    • Feb: Pray for our Week of Champion (WOC) tournament beginning in the coming few weeks in Addis Ababa. Pray that God would help us to select the right young people and accomplish the Great Commission during this time in a safe way.

    • March: Pray for some upcoming regional visits to sports teams and church partners in March so that we can determine which places may need to provide satellite camps.

  • International


    • Feb 24-29: Pray for delegates from SIM Ecuador and SIM Bolivia who will be attending the SF Peru Basic Training in Lima to learn more about the ministry of SF.

    • Pray for Jill, as she will be visiting two of our SF fields. Pray that her time would be encouraging and helpful for our teams. o SF Malawi Mar 3-6 o SF Kenya Mar 7-10

    • Mar 22-24: Please pray for Jill as she works along side the SIM UK team for their upcoming Mobilization Days in London.

    • Pray for Michelle as she continues to work on social media and support Cat in communications and media.

    • Pray for Michelle and Cat as they start working on plans for the Camper Scholarship campaign.

    • Pray that God would continue to give Michelle wisdom in her role and in the day to day tasks of supporting the ISS team.

    • Pray for wisdom and discernment as Bryan works with several team leaders to make plans and arrangements for our camping season in 2018. We have 10 teams who are supposed to serve with us before September.

    • Pray for wisdom regarding some logistics for our teams who are supposed to serve in Ethiopia this summer.

    • Pray for a busy time for Bryan coming up this spring. Aside from working with the teams she has several other projects she is working on that will need a lot of time and care.

  • Ghana


    • Praise God for a successful Basic Training for Assembly of God churches in a new region.

    • Praise God for how He is using our denominational coordinators to expand the ministry within their respective denominations.

    • Praise God for the many doors He is opening for the ministry in Ghana.


    • Pray for more wisdom and God's grace for our denominational coordinators as they share the vision of SF within their denominations.

    • Feb: Pray for our follow up in the month of February that it will be a time of encouragement to our coaches.

    • Feb: Pray for a coach’s phase one training coming up in mid-February.

    • Pray for Ben as he attends Global Assembly sessions such as leadership development. Pray that God would use the training to further equip him for his role as a team leader in the ministry.

    • March: Pray for the Baptist national coordinator as he plans to organize a Basic Training in early March.

    • Pray for the SF denominational coordinator zonal meetings with their coaches across the country.

  • Kenya/Tanzania


    • Feb 13-14: Pray for meetings with leaders from Anglican Church of Kenya as we discuss future plans for sports ministry.

    • Feb 19-24: Pray for a Basic Training that will be taking place at Kakuma Refugee Camp.

    • Feb 20-22: Pray for meetings with key denominational partners in Tanzania.

    • March 1: Pray for us as we begin to roll out the Sports Friends Kenya Discipleship Making Process with key Sports Friends leaders and their wives. This will be an intensive two-year discipleship initiative.

    • March 15: Pray for us as we continue to do ministry in areas of insecurity. Pray especially for our Sports Friends staff, local pastors and coaches who are ministering in these areas.

  • Malawi


    • Praise God for his provision for SF Malawi.

    • Praise God for the successful football camp in Salima Central region at the end of December 2017.


    • Pray for SF Vision Sharing in two different regions.

    • Feb 4: Pray for the SF Malawi day of prayer and fasting on February 4 to be fruitful.

    • Pray for Fostance as he will be traveling to Global Assembly.

    • March 17: Pray for a netball day camp in Blantyre on March 17.

  • Niger


    • Pray for all of our coaches to be enthusiastic and intentional as this is often a busy time for them while the weather is cooler.

    • Pray for Jonathan as he takes on more responsibility with SIM Niger while the director is traveling.

  • Nigeria


    • Praise God for a wonderful time with our families during the break we had towards the end of December and early January.

    • Praise God for Dairya's wedding in December 2017.

    • Praise God for successful follow-ups in January.


    • Pray for the new youth president of one of our church partners to transition well into the position where his predecessor stopped.

    • Pray for a favorable date to be chosen either in February or March by one of our church partners for a Basic Training in the North West of Nigeria.

    • March: Pray for a football tournament that will be led by Sports Friends Nigeria in March for amateur male players in Jos.

    • March: Pray for a Basic Training in Jos in March.

    • March: Pray for a retreat in March for Sports Friends staff and denominational coordinators.

    • Pray for courage, strength and wisdom for Sports Friends Nigeria staff and coaches as we travel.

    • Pray for patience and understanding for our families.

  • Perú


    • Pray for our relationship with our denominational partner as they just went through an entire change in leadership denomination-wide and nationwide. Pray for us to learn and grow together.

    • Pray for the arrival of Matt, our first SF intern. Pray for his adjustment, language and culture learning, and growing with God.

    • Feb 22-25: Pray for a Basic Training in Lima

    • March: Pray for the Millette family as they prepare for an 8-month Home Assignment.

    • Pray for Paris as he comes into his new role with SF Peru, that God would continue to guide him in adjustment, wisdom, team dynamics, and relationships with the churches.

  • Senegal


    • Pray for David and the team as they travel to visit clubs, coaches, and church leaders during the month of February. They're doing a Vision Sharing in February with pastors and church leaders in a southern city.

    • Pray for the 35 people who were recently trained at a Basic Training in December. Pray for wisdom, direction and guidance for each of them as they hopefully will start a SF model of ministry with their local churches.

    • Pray for our expansion efforts into the North as there have been many challenges. Praise God that David was able to go recently and talk again with the church leaders in this area. Pray that God will make it possible for the SF ministry to be established & grow there in His time.

  • Thailand


    • Feb 13-16: Pray for a Mentorship Training for SF Thailand staff from February 13-16 in Bangkok. Pray that God will open our minds to learn how to mentor our coaches and support the many coaches in the field. Pray for them to have a great time with God and spend time together as trainers.

    • Pray for other denominations to catch the vision and serve alongside with us.

    • Pray for our coaches that are on the field. Pray that God would strengthen them, not only in ministry but with their families as well.

    • Pray for follow-up in Bangkok as PbeeMai takes responsibility for this region. Pray that God would strengthen him and use him for sports ministry even though he is young. Pray that God will open the door for him to spread the Kingdom of God in Bangkok.

    • Pray for Pete as he takes over Somchai’s responsibilities and regions. Pray that God will give him wisdom to serve, understand SF’s vision and work with denominational leaders.

  • U.S.A.


    • Praise God for several individuals from local churches that are serving with us weekly to play soccer in the park and getting to know our refugee neighbors.

    • Praise God for several local churches who are already very supportive and interested in Church-Centered Sports Ministry here.


    • Pray for God’s wisdom for us as we navigate many opportunities for outreach and partnership but desire to stay focused and local.

    • Pray for the salvation of the Lord to spring up in many Afghan refugees here. Currently, there are over 6,000 with no known Christians.

    • Pray for our informal partnership with World Relief and for the Lord’s continued blessing there. They have been very helpful in connecting us with the right neighborhood to live in and learning a lot about refugees.

    • Pray for the Spirit of God to call His church to powerfully reach out to our middle-eastern refugee neighbors with the Gospel.

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