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Since 1893, SIM's motto has been "By Prayer." By prayer, SIM and its many ministries have seen God do amazing and marvelous things—thousands of new churches planted, millions coming to faith in Jesus Christ and growing as His disciples, and communities all over the world transformed by God's grace.

People often think of prayer as something we do before we begin ministry. However, we believe that prayer is a ministry by itself. Our vision and hearts' desire is to ultimately see many thousands of churches in Africa, Asia, and South America using the platform of sports to touch millions of lives with the love of Jesus Christ.


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  • Burkina Faso


    • Praise God for the open doors to start training with youth.

    • Praise God for the village that has been welcoming to our family.


    • Pray for the new ministry that is beginning with two teams we are training (ages 11-15). Also pray that God would help us to find a local person to help get this up and going.

    • Pray for security in Burkina Faso as terrorism has been growing here.

    • Pray for the health of Holley and her pregnancy. We praise God for his hand in the growth of our family.

  • Camp Langano, Ethiopia


    • Praise God for good meetings with our SF team in Ethiopia and positive team unity.


    • Pray that we would be able amend our new government agreement and have that finalized within the next two months.

    • Pray that we could find staff housing for our three staff and their families that would be close to our house.

    • Pray that we could find great locations to host summer camps this summer.

  • Ethiopia


    • Praise God for His sovereignty in our country’s Prime Minister selection.

    • Praise God for a coaches training held in March 2018 that was very encouraging, hosted by Andrew from the SF Thailand team.

    • Praise God for the successful completion of a Week of Champions tournament held in Addis Ababa in February.


    • Pray for the coming summer camp program: for wisdom as to how and when we should conduct it.

    • Pray for smooth transition of Camp Langano management and the future mission work in the area.

  • International


    • April 24-26: Pray for Bryan as she leads a seminar on leading short-term teams well at an upcoming sports ministry conference.

    • Pray for Michelle as she continues working on our social media and the blog.

    • Pray for the upcoming updates that will be made to SIM’s internal website for Sports Friends.

    • Pray for Michelle as she helps write a grant proposal.

    • Pray for details for the upcoming Epic Trip to Peru.

    • Pray for Dan as he continues to transition into his role as International Support Services Leader. Pray that God would give him wisdom as he learns and seeks to lead the ISS team well.

    • Pray for the leadership of Sports Friends as they consider how best to move forward in the 6 priority areas identified during our January strategy meetings.

    • Pray for good follow-up from the SIM Global Assembly as Sports Friends leaders had opportunity to meet with many different SIM leaders from around the world and consider different expansion opportunities.

    • Pray for all of our SF teams as we consider how best to modify and adapt the Disciple Making Training materials to fit our individual contexts and that they may be a great tool for equipping and inspiring our coaches.

    • Pray for wisdom and creativity for our communications team as they plan our May CAMPaign. Pray that God would stir many hearts to get involved and that funds would be raised to send many youth to camp.

    • Pray for Cat as she adjusts to living and working from a UK base.

    • Pray for Dting as he serves the Sports Friends Thailand team with media and communications.

    • Pray for Bob as he raises support to join the International Support Services team as a graphic designer.

    • Pray for Bryan as she helps coordinate trips for teams going to serve in 6 different countries in the next 5 months. Pray that all the details fall into place smoothly.

    • Pray for our various fields that will be conducting camp over the next few months. Pray that God will use this time of ministry to draw many youth to Himself while deepening relationships between the coaches and youth.

  • Ghana


    • Praise God for successful follow-up with some of our denominational leaders in March.

    • Praise God for a safe trip to and from South Africa for Global Assembly.


    • April 4-6: Pray for our 1st annual coordinators retreat in Kumasi.

    • April 13-15: Pray for a coaches phase one training.

    • May 6-12: Pray for our SIM Spiritual Life Conference.

    • May 16-20: Pray for Camps in Tamale and Ada.

    • Pray for a short-term team coming in May to help us with the camps, that God will grant them a safe trip to Ghana.

  • Malawi


    • Praise God for the successful football day camp we had in Blantyre in the month of January. Many campers responded to the teachings on this day.

    • Praise God for the great and fruitful day of prayer and fasting we had in February.

    • Praise God for the two vision sharing opportunities we had and the encouraging response.

    • Praise God for our international leadership team who came to visit and greatly encouraged us.


    • April 2-5: Pray for a successful Basic Training in the eastern region of Malawi.

    • April 11-14: Pray for an AEC Basic Training in the Southern region of Malawi.

    • Pray for an EBCM Basic Training at Phalombe.

    • April 5-24: Pray for Fostance’s trip to the USA to learn how to grow and encourage the Sports Friends Malawi ministry.

    • May 8-12: Pray for a Basic Training in the central region.

    • Pray for an AEC Basic Training in Blantyre

    • May 5: Pray for the Sports Friends Malawi day of prayer and fasting.

    • May 12: Pray for an AEC Football day camp.

  • Niger


    • Praise God for a large tournament that took place and the Gospel opportunities it presented.


    • Pray for perseverance for all of the coaches and teams as the weather gets hotter!

  • Nigeria


    • Praise God for a successful Basic Training in February.

    • Praise God for a successful certificate presentation and for new coaches who have implemented new sports ministry initiatives.

    • Praise God for a successful secondary school basketball league.

    • Praise God for a successful Basic Training even in the midst of an attack by local herdsmen.

    • Praise God for His faithfulness in providing and caring for our families despite the harsh economic situation of our nation.

    • Praise God for healing the EMS Sports Friends coordinator who had a bad road accident on his way to a vision sharing.


    • Pray for the newly trained coaches to effectively implement what they were taught.

    • Pray for the leadership of New Life Church to sign the M.O.U that is before them.

    • April 2-7: Pray for a basketball camp taking place.

    • April 4-7: Pray for a Basic Training in one of our regions.

    • Pray for good follow-up with two of the Anglican dioceses in April.

    • April 25-28: Pray for a Basic Training.

    • May 3-6: Pray for a coaches conference where we will be hosting coaches from around the country.

    • May 7-30: Pray for some basketball clinics with primary schools.

    • May 7-20: Pray for good follow-up around the country.

  • Perú


    • Praise God for our first intern, Matt from England, serving and learning with us! Pray for him as he continues to learn the language and culture, and that ultimately God would be growing his heart, perspective, walk and worldview.

    • Praise God for the 30 Basic Training participants who attended in February. Please continue to pray for them and their church leadership as they begin their MDCIs, and that they would trust God to do His work and not be discouraged by initial difficulties and doubts.


    • April 28: Pray for the Millette family as they return to Canada for an 8-month Home Assignment. Pray for the adjustment for everyone (especially their 3 kids), a great time reconnecting, safe travels, and rest and rejuvenation.

    • Pray for Paris as he begins his transition into the team and for the team as well as we adjust to adding new members and others leaving for a time.

    • May 26: Pray for the opportunity we have to train the national leadership of the IEP (denominational partnership), which is a great chance to help the denomination grasp the vision, take ownership, and spread the Good News. Pray that God would use the time to teach each participant and also bring unity to our partnership.

    • Pray for Erico and Claudia as they enter into their last few months of orientation and SF training in order to be ready to join the team in August. Pray for hearts that are ready to learn, security in Christ, and understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

  • Thailand


    • April 2-7: Pray for a conference that we will join with one of our partner missions in the west of Thailand.

    • April 9-15: Pray for safety as Thai people celebrate Songkran, the new year water festival, as they travel and that they would come to know the real source of life-giving water.

    • Pray for the Thailand team as they represent Sports Friends at various denominational conferences this month.

    • April 16-20: Pray for a great trip for our team as they go to help one of our partners in the south.

    • April 24-28: Pray for the older youth who will participate in our first discipleship camp in Thailand. Pray that these young believers would grow in their faith and their willingness to serve in their programs and churches.

    • Pray for the many coaches that are taking advantage of Thai school holidays to do extra activities with kids that they would be intentional about building deeper relationships and living out the gospel.

    • May 14-18: Pray for the first advance coaching course (level 3) that we will be hosting.

  • U.S.A.


    • Praise God for the wonderful missions conference we were a part of at our sending church last weekend. Praise that many more people are joining our prayer team.

    • Praise God for deeper connections with World Relief as we begin to form a training partnership.

    • Praise God for the team of 20-30 boys who we are coaching in the park a couple of days a week.

    • Praise God for an amazing speaking opportunity last week with key mission leaders from various churches. This has brought much interest and enthusiasm about how to effectively love our refugee neighbors.


    • Pray for deeper connections with the refugee men in our community. They are busy with work and transitioning.

    • April 6-24: Pray for Pastor Fostance as he comes to share with churches and friends here about what God is doing in Malawi.

    • Pray for our refugee friend Mr. A and his wife as they are expecting the arrival of their first child this week. He has been helping me coach and secretly shared with us that he has been baptized as a follower of Jesus. Pray that we can begin meeting to read the Bible together.

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