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Since 1893, SIM's motto has been "By Prayer." By prayer, SIM and its many ministries have seen God do amazing and marvelous things—thousands of new churches planted, millions coming to faith in Jesus Christ and growing as His disciples, and communities all over the world transformed by God's grace.

People often think of prayer as something we do before we begin ministry. However, we believe that prayer is a ministry by itself. Our vision and hearts' desire is to ultimately see many thousands of churches in Africa, Asia, and South America using the platform of sports to touch millions of lives with the love of Jesus Christ.


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  • Burkina Faso


    • Praise God for the ways He is moving and working here in Burkina Faso.


    • Pray for our ISS team as we face a lot of transition over the next few months. Please pray for

    • Pray for the 40-50 kids who are currently being ministered to by a Sports Friends-trained coach.

    • Pray for a meeting with about 10 pastors in the Ouagadougou area.

    • Pray that the Lord would open more doors for sharing about sports ministry with other churches. • Late January: Pray for Chris as he speaks at a local college that is training up church planters from around West Africa. Pray for clear communication, good understanding, and for those who God may be calling into church-centered sports ministry!

  • Ethiopia


    • Praise God for the safe training of our coaching staff in Kenya with Andrew. They all benefited greatly from this week of training!

    • Praise God for our camp staff meeting and denominational quarterly meetings at our office. God gave us a good time together, especially to hear about their life and ministries.


    • 4-6/26-28 Dec – Pray for plans to follow up with sports ministers and also to deliver Ongoing Training in the Northwest region of Ethiopia. Pray that God would give us a safe trip and be with us as we teach and train.

    • Pray for the Week of Champions which takes place during the entire month of January in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

    • Pray that our country, Ethiopia, would be at peace.

  • International


    • Praise God that Bob has been able to begin serving with us part-time as a graphic designer. Pray that the Lord would raise up the rest of his support!

    • Praise God for Dting’s work on the SF website, and all that he does behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. Pray that God would give him continued joy and fulfilment in his role as our Web and IT Manager.

    • Praise God for all those who faithfully support the Sports Friends ministry. Pray for our upcoming year-end giving campaign, that many would feel compelled to get involved.

    • Praise God for opportunities to share about the work of Sports Friends with several churches and partners in the USA.


    • Pray for our ISS team as we face a lot of transition over the next few months. Please pray for Michelle as she works on transitioning her responsibilities to other members of the ISS team.

    • Pray that God would lead the right people to fill the current gaps on our communications team. Pray especially for help with social media, digital marketing, and videography/photography.

    • Pray for our end of year giving appeal, that people’s hearts would be prompted to give.

    • Pray that plans for next year’s short-term trips could be finalized before the end of the year.

    • Pray for our fields as they work on logistical plans to receive short-term teams.

    • Pray for our ISS team as we work on planning the upcoming 2020 Global Gathering.

  • Ghana


    • Praise God for His protection and care throughout our follow up meetings the last two months.

    • Praise God for 5 newly-trained coaches that have started teams at their local churches.


    • 1 Dec – Pray for an Ongoing Training for coaches.

    • 7-10 Dec – Pray for a phase two Coaches Training.

    • 16-20 Dec – Pray for a four-day tournament for under 12s in Navrongo.

    • 4-8 Jan – Pray for Ben as he attends a conference for pastors and leaders.

    • 10-12 Jan – Pray for a retreat for denominational coordinators which is happeneing this week.

    • Pray for our follow-up meetings throughout January, that our coaches will be encouraged during our time together.

  • Kenya/Tanzania


    • Praise God for a new partnership with 10 local churches. Sports Friends are walking alongside them weekly to develop youth discipleship programs over the next 12 months.

    • Praise God that we have also been able to train up several women coaches, and equip them to make disciples of the young girls on their teams.


    • 12-13 Dec – Pray for sports camps with our Anglican Church of Kenya partners. Pray for safe travels and for encouragement to our church partners as they continue to reach out to their communities.

    • 17-19 Dec – Pray for a Basic Training with our Kenya Assemblies of God partners. Pray for wisdom and guidance for our facilitators and partnering pastors/bishops as they seek those who are trainable, reliable and faithful in discipling the youth in their churches.

    • 16 Dec – Pray for the Wilson family as they return to the U.S. for home assignment. Pray for the team in Kenya as they continue to work faithfully with an added work load.

  • Niger


    • Praise God for a good follow-up meeting with coaches in the East. Praise God for the partnership between Nigeria and Niger for these trainings.

    • Praise God for the beginnings of a tournament in a Western region. Pray that God would be glorified and that the coaches would be bold in sharing about Jesus.


    • Pray for the many coaches who have been trained but are not currently using their training.

    • Pray for the church here to begin to grasp how church-centered sports ministry can impact their communities for Christ.

    • 28 Dec – Pray for a softball day camp for several of the teams in Niamey. Pray that we can clearly share the gospel message and that the coaches in attendance would be encouraged to continue speaking into the lives of their youth.

  • Nigeria


    • Praise God for a successful coaches seminar and president’s cup.

    • Praise God for his continued guidance and protection over our lives.

    • Praise God for the ways He is leading and helping participants at our Basic Trainings and Camps.

    • Praise God that we recently signed a partnership agreement with a new denomination.

    • Praise God for four people who surrendered their lives to Jesus after a friendly soccer match in a village.

    • Praise God for reports from areas where the number of young people attending Bible studies has increased by 20 percent as a result of sports ministry.

    • Praise God for the success of a Christian league that was recently organized in Nigeria.


    • Pray for all of Sports Friends coaches, that God will continue to protect and guide them for his glory.

    • Pray for our up-coming follow up meetings around the country.

    • 5 – 8 Dec - Pray for a Basic Training this week, that God would bring the right people along.

    • Pray for safety as we travel to share the Sports Friends vision with several groups in the first week of December.

    • 7-10 Dec - Pray for an interdenominational Basic Training this week.

    • 16-22 Dec - Pray for a camp this week where we are partnering with another organization.

    • Pray that God would give us wisdom about how to connect with new partners.

    • Pray that God would open the door for more sports ministry within the Anglican Church.

  • Perú


    • 8 Dec - Pray for a fun day at the Christmas Soccer Tournament and pray it would be a great opportunity for relationship building, encouraging coaches, loving kids, and having fun!

    • 1 Jan - Pray for a safe trip for the Millette family as they return from Home Assignment after 8 months and get settled back into life in Lima.

    • 16 Jan - Please pray for our retreat in Pucallpa, a jungle city, as we work with coaches to give them continual training. Pray tat it would be a huge help and encouragement to their church-centered sports ministries.

    • Pray for the growth of our denominational partnership with the IEP, as it has been difficult to communicate with local leadership and move forward in training.

  • Senegal


    • Pray for our first Basic Training that will be held in the north this month.

    • Pray for David as he travels to the south to visit existing coaches and clubs. Pray for safety and for all to be encouraged during this time together.

    • Pray for a Christmas Cup being organized with Sports Friends clubs in the city of Rufisque. Pray for the church and the clubs to be a light to the community as the real reason for Christmas will be explained on the final day of the tournament.

    • Pray for a training for our Sports Friends coaches which will help them be better equipped at sharing the gospel clearly and effectively.

  • U.S.A.


    • Praise God that there are now 12 faithful volunteers who help us every week with the ministry in the park. This is a massive answer to prayer.


    • Pray for all of Sports Friends coaches, that God will continue to protect and guide them for • 8 Dec - Pray for us as we organize a day camp/tournament with 90 refugee kids from all over the area. Local churches are putting it on through our partnership with World Relief. Pray for the Lord to be honored among our neighbors through this day.

    • Pray for us as we build friendships with our refugee neighbors.

    • Pray that the local church would create space in their busy schedules to love the strangers among us.

    • Pray for us and a few others who have a ministry of hospitality to our refugee neighbors. Pray that the Lord would open up doors for sharing about Him at the table this holiday season.

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