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Since 1893, SIM's motto has been "By Prayer." By prayer, SIM and its many ministries have seen God do amazing and marvelous things—thousands of new churches planted, millions coming to faith in Jesus Christ and growing as His disciples, and communities all over the world transformed by God's grace.

People often think of prayer as something we do before we begin ministry. However, we believe that prayer is a ministry by itself. Our vision and hearts' desire is to ultimately see many thousands of churches in Africa, Asia, and South America using the platform of sports to touch millions of lives with the love of Jesus Christ.


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  • Camp Langano, Ethiopia


    • Praise God for a great camp with youth from about an hour away. The young people were really moved by the teaching time about forgiveness and we saw a great transformation Thursday night and Friday morning.

    • Praise God for our new water sport club! We have 4 boys and 3 girls in the club and they are very enthusiastic about coming and the teaching times have been great.


    • March 31-April 8: Church at Charlotte is coming to build a GaGa court and do maintenance and repair on the whole property. Pray that their time here would be fruitful and free of injury.

    • April 9-11: We will be having our 4th camp for youth with disabilities. This is the fourth time many of these young people have come to camp so pray that the Holy Spirit would work in their lives and that our teaching time would be meaningful to them. Pray for the right staff to be here as well. This is the first time that we will be combining the boys camp and the girls camp!

    • Pray for us as we choose our summer staff for this summer camping season. Pray that God would guide us to find just the right staff for this ministry.

    • May 10: Pray for Brian as he will have his second hip surgery on May 10. Pray for a good recovery and for Laura as she is home with the kids alone.

  • Ethiopia


    • Praise God for recent Basic Trainings that we were able to provide for three different groups, 2 churches and 1 Bible school. The feedback was really good, and many participants are planning to implement the training they received.

    • Join us in praising God for the recent semi-annual meeting of Level IV coordinators that we recently held at Camp Langano. Many issues were discussed at the meeting and many were encouraged by God’s Word that was shared. Coordinators traveled from many different places across Ethiopia. All arrived and returned home safely. We praise God for His care and guidance over their time together.

    • Praise God for a recent Week of Champions tournament that was in Addis Ababa. It went really well, and was a great opportunity for the youth to work with each other and their coaches.

    • Praise God for a recent Day Camp program for 40 youth that we had with one of our church partners that went well.


    • April/May: We will be providing a Basic Training at Bichena and Shire located far from Addis Ababa. Please pray that God will give the team safe travels and that the attendees of the training will catch the vision of sports ministry.

    • We will have an Ongoing Training and Vision Sharing at Addis Ababa and Awash soon. Please pray for our preparation and that God would help us to present these trainings in a comprehensive way. Pray also that God would help the participants understand the ministry and implement it in their respective churches.

    • Please pray for our country political situation and that God will continue to bring peace between different people groups within Ethiopia.

  • Ghana


    • We praise God for good follow up meetings with some of our coaches that were recently trained.

    • Praise God for a successful Vision Sharing with a denomination and for fruitful training done in February and March.


    • April 3-7: Please pray for a Basic Training happening this week.

    • May 16-29: Please pray for a short-term team that will be visiting Ghana. Please pray that God gives them mercy as they travel and success as we work with youth in our ministry.

    • May 19-21 & May 26-28: Please pray for camps that we will have during these dates. Please pray that the campers will understand and respond to the gospel.

    • May 24: Please pray for a Coaches Clinic that we will be providing on this date.

    • Please pray for the upcoming Baptist Convention (one of our partners) who will appoint four coordinators to lead SF within four areas of the country. Please pray that the right people will be chosen.

  • International/U.S. Office


    • Praise God for the many people who pray and financially support the Sports Friends ministry. Pray that God would raise up additional partners to support our continuing growth.

    • Praise God for the Road Trip that we just completed and all of the amazing opportunities that God gave Sports Friends to share about what God is doing through sports. Lemmy and Ishaya blessed so many people as they shared about what God is doing in their home countries with people and churches here.

    • Praise God for Dting’s work on the SF website, and all that he does behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. Pray that God would give him continued joy in his role as our Web and IT Manager.

    • Praise for one new single missionary and a missionary family that are in the process of raising support to begin working as a part of our staff team!


    • Pray that God would raise up someone to take over managing the blog, so that we can continue to post regular updates of what God is doing around the world through the ministry.

    • Pray for the Sports Friends 2017 CAMPaign, which will run for 31 days throughout the month of May. Pray that many scholarships would be raised up for young people to attend camp!

    • Pray that the Lord will add more workers for His harvest and fill the many openings we have to serve with Sports Friends around the world.

    • Pray for Jill in her new role as SF Deputy International Director. Pray that she can be a great support to Tripp, and as she works on a ministry-wide process of review, assessment and strengthening, including the ongoing development in the areas of disciple making and camping ministry.

    • Pray that as each of our SF staff teams around the world work through the new Disciple Making Training Course, we would be challenged, inspired and encouraged in our own disciple making efforts - may we be actively making disciples who will make disciples!

    • Please pray for Bryan as she is working with churches in the US to prepare teams to travel abroad to work with our staff in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Thailand.

    • Pray for Bryan April 3-7 as she attends a Trauma Healing Workshop that will help us as we seek to respond to difficult situations faced in the fields that we work. Please also pray that this will enhance her debriefing skills.

    • Pray for a new Finance Manager to join the Sports Friends team.

    • Pray for Danny as he manages all the Sports Friends Finances.

    • Pray for Michelle as she continues to work on social media and that God would give her creativity in this area.

  • Kenya/Tanzania


    • April 1-2: Pray for Discipleship Training in Wajir, Kenya.

    • April 14-16: Pray for the 10 coaches that will be attending a Training of Trainers course in Garissa, Kenya.

    • April 23-24: Pray for Discipleship Training for women coaches in Kenya.

    • April 27-30: Pray for a Basic Training that will be held in Garesen, Tanzania.

    • Pray as we launch trainings with two new denominational partners in May (Full Gospel Churches of Kenya and Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania).

    • Pray for our ongoing national sports ministry rollout with the Anglican Church of Tanzania.

  • Malawi


    • Praise the Lord that we are welcoming our first-ever netball missionary this month! Sarah is coming from the UK and will be with us for the next 3 months learning and helping with all of our netball teams spread far and wide across Malawi.


    • April: Pray for Chisomo and Sarah who will be visiting many netball coaches over the next 3 months all over Malawi. Pray that they’d be an immense encouragement and blessing to each team, church, and coach they visit.

    • April 12-15: Pray for the Ongoing Training that we will have with a partner denomination in the eastern region from April 12-15. Please ask the Lord to bring coaches with a passion for disciple making.

    • April 18-21: Pray for the Basic Training that the Africa Evangelical Church (AEC) is having in the southern region from April 18-21 as it will be the first done by them since their training. We praise God for this! Pray that the Spirit of God would lead and call new sports ministers during this time.

    • April: Pray for 3 teams in Blantyre that have been selected to play at the top level for their age divisions. Pray that these teams might represent Christ well in the football world.

    • May 12-15: Please pray for the residential netball camp that we will have with over 80 girls.

    • May: Pray for our STA Sarah and Chisomo as they travel around Malawi encouraging many of our CCSM teams.

    • May: Please pray for Fostance as he begins to take on more leadership as the Voights are preparing to leave Malawi in July.

  • Niger


    • April: Please pray for Jeremy and Beki as they will be returning to the US for home assignment at the end of April. Please pray for good transitions.

    • There is a group of 9 coaches working together to coach 2 softball teams, 2 soccer teams, and an ultimate frisbee team! Pray that they can continue to work together well as they coach and share Bible stories with these youth!

    • Pray that the church here in Niger will continue to grow in their understanding of how to use many different methods to reach the communities around them. Pray that the churches continue to be strengthened in truth and boldness here.

  • Nigeria


    • Praise for a fruitful discussion with the bishop of the Anglican Diocese in Nigeria.

    • Please join us in thanking God for two Sports Friends advocates that have been elected into leadership at a church where we have a program in Jos.

    • Please join us in giving thanks for two of our players that were baptized in Jos.

    • Give thanks for successful discussions with the leaders of the U.M.C.A. and the Christian Association of Nigeria.

    • Praise for good discussions with the Girls Brigade of Nigeria, which we hope will lead to partnering together.

    • Praise for a successful follow up last year with several denominations.

    • Praise for a good time of fellowship at the Nigerian Headquarters office for all staff in early January.


    • April: Please pray for a Basic Training within Nigeria.

    • April 6-9: Please pray for some follow up that we will be doing with some of our partners in Jos during these dates.

    • April 12-13: Please pray for a camp in northern Nigeria. Please pray that the youth that attend will understand and respond to the gospel.

    • April 20-21: Please pray for follow up that we will be doing with some of our partners in Jos during this time.

    • April 20-23: Please pray for a Basic Training that will happen in northern Nigeria during this time.

  • Perú


    • Praise for a great visit with Jill during February and March. She was present for a Basic Training and Vision Casting meetings in Lima and Arequipa and helping with transitional topics.

    • Praise and thanks for your prayer coverage over the Kitzman Family who were able to go to the US to mourn the loss of Mende's father.

    • Praise and thanks for your prayers for the Geverink-Segura Family who were able to go to the US to mourn the loss of Lindsay's father.

    • Praise the Lord for a good and successful Basic Training in February in Lima. 28 newly trained coaches! Two from Brazil and one from Ecuador!


    • April 1: Please pray for the Kitzmans as they transition out of ministry responsibilities with Sports Friends starting April 1. Please pray for them as they prepare to serve with another ministry and leave Peru in May.

    • May 1: Please pray for the Langley’s as they transition out of ministry responsibilities with Sports Friends starting May 1. Please pray for them as they prepare to transition home in July.

    • April 1: Please pray for Lindsay as she will be stepping into the role of Peru Director starting April 1.

    • April 1-2 & 8-9: Please pray for Basic Trainings that we will have with one of our denominational partners (IEP) in Arequipa, Peru.

    • April: Please pray for our team as we prepare for a Vision Sharing and Basic Training with our denominational partner in May.

    • Please pray for guidance, wisdom and direction as the Peru team figures out new team dynamics, new roles and responsibilities as a smaller team.

  • Senegal


    • April 1 & 29: Please pray for two Easter Cup tournaments hosted by our clubs in Mbour and in Kolda. The final championship game in Mbour will take place on April 1st and the final in Kolda will be on April 29th. Please pray for the Lord to be glorified on these days in particular as these events are an amazing opportunity for the communities involved to come together, watch the soccer matches, fellowship together and most importantly, hear the gospel message shared by the local church!

    • Pray for wisdom as our coaches look for ways to implement the Discovery Bible Study discipleship method in their clubs. They received this specific training during the Ongoing Training we did with them in March.

    • Pray for the continued transition of responsibilities from Philippe to David and Jeremie as the Sadio’s one-year home assignment starts in July.

  • Thailand


    • April 4-8: Please pray for the annual conference for a potential church partner in Chaing Rai, Thailand during this time. Pray that God will lead us to partner with the denomination and that the leaders of the church will understand the vision of sports ministry as we share with them. Please pray that God would open this door so that the ministry to young people can continue to grow.

    • Please pray for us as we follow up with a church league in Fang, Chiang Mai. Pray that God will help coaches to encourage the team and that they would see the life of Jesus through their coach.

    • April 26-28: Pray for a Girl’s Camp in Fang and for the local church who will run this camp by themselves. Please pray that women coaches will feel confident and encouraged as they lead the camp to minister to the girls who attend. Please pray that God will open the hearts of the youth that attend and that they will learn much about Him while also deepening their relationships with their coaches.

    • Please pray for the Thailand team and pray that God will protect them while traveling, and that the Lord would strengthen and guide them through His Holy Spirit.

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