Time To Lose, Time To Find

Ibrahim* has been participating on a Sports Friends team in West Africa for over two years. After every practice, his coach shares a story that teaches about godly character. Sometimes these are stories directly from the Bible, which are new to him because he grew up in a family that follows the country’s predominant faith. He had never heard of many of these stories and the ways the Christian’s God taught His people to live.

After practice, Ibrahim’s coach always invites the team members to his house for dinner and Bible study with the coach’s own family, so Ibrahim decided to join them. Over time he stopped attending his previous house of worship, convinced that it was not leading him to the Truth. He began visiting the church to learn more about Jesus and what He said and did. Ibrahim has invited some of his friends to join him. Now three young people of this other faith are studying the Bible at the coach’s house. 

The Truth has become clear to Ibrahim. He recognizes that Jesus must be his true salvation and the only way he can be reconciled to God. But he also knows that if he chooses to follow Christ, he will be shamed by his community and abandoned by his family. This is a high price to pay. He is understandably fearful about what the future holds should he commit his life to Jesus.

Please pray for the coach whom God has positioned to speak into Ibrahim’s life. Pray for wisdom, for overflowing love, and that whatever he speaks would be the very words of God to Ibrahim. And please pray for Ibrahim, that God will give him an eternal perspective and revelation of his greatest need for Jesus. Pray for courage and strength as well as for protection from the enemy who desires to bind Ibrahim in fear. Pray for Ibrahim’s  heart to be encouraged, and that Jesus would speak to him in an undeniable and irresistible way.

*name changed to protect identity

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