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Megan and Kevin recently served with Sports Friends on a missions trip to Kenya for Messiah College AROMA student athletes. Interested in a short-term trip with Sports Friends? Find out more at:

Meet: Megan

It’s chai time! Every day in Kenya, Megan and her team would stop everything in the afternoon for chai time. Everyone would gather in groups and have chai tea with a pastry, donut, or bread. Time in Kenya seemed different; it seemed more relaxed and at ease; almost as if time froze in Kenya for the team as they served. 

Megan was in charge of taking pictures during the trip, which became a challenge in itself. As the photographer, she had to stay in the background to catch good shots and sometimes felt disconnected from everyone else.

One day when everyone was sitting down for breakfast, some of the Kenyans waved her over and said, “Megan, sit here! Come here!” Megan was so touched that even though she was in the background they remembered her and invited her over.

Megan was amazed at how God had a plan for everything that happened on this trip, and each plan happened exactly at the right time. God had planned down to the very last minute for each person. Witnessing this, Megan realized she needed to latch onto God and not onto anything or anyone else. This lesson actually prepared Megan for when she returned home and struggled with something she could not have done without latching onto God. 

Meet: Kevin

For Kevin, ‘hospitality’ is now defined by his experience in Kenya. A Kenyan woman waking up at 3:30 in the morning to prepare breakfast for Kevin and his team mates because her husband unexpectedly offered to serve breakfast one day to the team members before camp began… Now that is hospitality! 

Not only are the Kenyans gifted with hospitality, but they also have joy. Kevin claims there is a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is based on what is happening around you. Joy is not based on your circumstances, it is pure delight regardless of whether you are in good or bad situations. The Kenyans are without a doubt joyful. Kevin desires to be joyful as they exemplified that to him so beautifully.

About twenty boys from camp gave their lives to Christ at the end. Two weeks after Kevin’s team departed, one of the boys’ fathers decided to join a camp that Sports Friends held, which was huge, for adults often do not do what the youth do in Kenya. This father wanted to experience what his son had with God. God is at work in this family. Kevin is ecstatic. 

Another time Kevin had a moment of awe, which were too many times to count during this trip, he was speaking with a local former professional soccer player. Kevin asked the man if he missed being on the soccer team. The man replied no because he was serving the Lord as a coach. Kevin thought this was “the good Sunday School answer,” but he was amazed when he saw this man put his claim into action. This man was truly committed and on fire for God. Kevin wants to be able to show his fire for God every moment of every day, just as this Kenyan coach did.  

Written by Callie West, Sports Friends Communications Intern

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