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Ready to serve? This team was! 

A Revolution of Missional Athletes (AROMA) recently served with Sports Friends on a missions trip to Kenya for Messiah College student athletes. The AROMA program seeks to develop students’ athletic excellence and Christian character, while participating in building God’s Kingdom through sports.

Three leaders and eleven AROMA students flew to Kenya for two weeks. They served at a boys camp for four days, a girls camp for a day, visited soccer teams in the city, and helped facilitate soccer clinics in some of the poorer parts of town. Each of the students desired to share the love of Christ and felt called to embark on this trip in various ways. 

Megan was inspired to go after attending the great opening night celebration AROMA has each year. 

Kevin, a Messiah graduate, is a husband, father of a one-year-old daughter, and heavily involved with AROMA, which led him to help lead the trip.

Emily had seen so many others leave to serve overseas, and she wanted to be one of the ones who left as well. 

Nate had been encouraged by his friends who had traveled with AROMA in the past to go on a missions trip, and after prayer, Nate decided to join the Kenya trip with some friends — eager to share God’s love.

Two of the boys, Micah and Nate, had gone with AROMA to serve in Colombia, and loved it so much they wanted to serve again. 

Trevor had prayed and felt called to join a missions trip through the help of his assistant soccer coach, who is involved with AROMA. 

Claire attended AROMA’s weekly chapel where she heard about the missions trip to Kenya and she felt called by God to go and serve. 

Emily wanted to see how to combine sports and the gospel on the mission field.

Dan, who is a Sports Friends missionary based in Charlotte, was the leader for this team while they served in Kenya. 

These upperclassmen, who played soccer and field hockey, were ecstatic to serve the Lord through sports in Kenya.  The thrill lasted throughout the trip, and will stay with them for the weeks, months, and years to come.

Written by Callie West, Sports Friends Communications Intern

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