2014 Coaches Campaign

At its core, Sports Friends is a training and equipping ministry. Our desire is to develop strong leaders who are prepared to use sports as a way to reach out to youth with the love of God and form relationships. We believe that God works through these committed coaches to transform lives and strengthen communities around the world.

By partnering with local churches, we are able to train leaders to become more than sports coaches - they become life coaches and mentors for the youth in their communities. Through weekly sports practices and meetings, time together at camp, and visits to homes, our coaches are able to deeply invest in the lives of these youth and their families - a model that we have seen is capable of transforming entire communities for Christ.

We have an exciting opportunity to partner together to impact communities in Africa, Asia, and South America with Christ’s love by providing funding to train 1,000 new leaders to become godly coaches and mentors. For an investment of just $75/£45, you can make it possible for us to train and equip a coach to begin a new sports ministry outreach to youth in his/her community.

What’s the impact of a coach?

Meet Senla...

Senla   Sports Friends trains coaches from a rich variety of cultures and backgrounds. Meet Coach Senla, one of our female coaches from the Lahu Hilltribe of northern Thailand who sews beautiful traditional Lahu bags and sells them to make a small income to support her Dad and her two children. She grew up in a typical mountain home, never imagining that a woman could be a sports coach. After studying at Bible School in the city, she returned to her village with a passion to serve God in her local church. However, she wasn’t quite sure what that service might look like...

In the meantime, one of our Sports Friends staff had traveled to Senla’s village and shared the vision of sports ministry with her pastor. He decided to send Senla and another lady from the church to our Basic Training. Together they returned to the village equipped and excited to start a football team for the boys and a volleyball team for the girls.

Senla says that it is challenging to coach the boys because they can be quite a handful, but she is determined to stick it out because she has seen the positive impact that a good coach can have. There are many destructive activities available to young people in the mountains, but sport has proven to be a great alternative.

Eighteen months since her first Basic Training, Senla has now attended two more Sports Friends trainings to further develop her leadership skills, coaching ability, and ministry impact. Please join us in praying for Senla and thousands of other Sports Friends coaches like her as they share God’s love, peace, and grace with youth around the world.

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You can train a new coach on someone else’s behalf for Christmas. Simply follow the instructions above to make your gift, then download our free alternative gift card.

Your financial gifts enable the Sports Friends ministries to continue. Thank you for your partnership with us!

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