Kariobangi Food Distribution

Written by Mercy Obwolo, our Sports Friends Kenya Office Coordinator

“July 27th and 28th 2020 were marked out clearly in my calendar. I arrived at KAG Church Kariobangi around 9.00 am.  Sanchez, Judy, and a few coaches had arrived and they were arranging the blue packets with foodstuffs in the church hall, chatting away. I greeted everyone and we took time to catch up as we arranged the food in the hall. It had been three months since we saw each other because of quarantine during this COVID-19 pandemic. Within an hour, more coaches and church volunteers had arrived. We prayed together. Coach Joy then proceeded to read out the players’ names that were to receive food on this day and each coach and volunteer began the distribution efforts. We went out as a group and dispersed into different directions. I visited three families on my first day of food distribution. 

The first visit was to mama Wanjiku’s home. Coach Beckham explained our purpose for the visit which was to check up on them. Mama Wanjiku was singing praises for her daughter whom she happily said was well behaved and helped out with chores before going to the field for practice. We prayed together and petitioned for healing because she was not feeling well. We took a picture with the family as we gave them the bag of foodstuffs that we had carried and left for the next home. The other home was for a boy whose parents were in the shop working so we waited for his mom to come. We had a short fellowship with them before leaving for the third home. 

In the third home visit, we found only kids but the big sister was babysitting them. We fellowshipped with the young boy and the sister. We prayed, took a photo and headed back to the church. When the rest of the team had come back, we gave the report of the different families we had visited as we took notes, prayed, and had refreshments, juice, and cake before leaving for our homes.

On the next day, 28th July, we followed the previous day’s routine. On this day I visited three other families. The first was for a teenage girl whom the coach praised for being so good at football and had participated in a local tournament. She lived alone with her sister. The next home was Coach Joshua’s home. His boy was one of our players and we found the wife had just come back from an unsuccessful attempt at looking for some work. We prayed with her for God to provide work and their daily needs for her, her husband, and their five young children. The last home I visited that day was of a blind mother who had a crippled son. Despite the situation she was happy to receive visitors, she gave a testimony of God’s goodness, encouraged us with a Bible verse, asked some questions, and invited us back.

It was a wonderful experience to be part of this team that spread the love of Christ and put a smile on people’s faces during this COVID-19 pandemic.”

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