Walking With a New Stride

We who walk with Jesus know that placing our full trust in Him for forgiveness of our sin introduces us to a new life that is as powerful and profound as resurrection from the dead. Learning how to walk with a new stride, as a man or woman reconciled to God and gifted with God’s eternal life of love, justice, and righteousness is revolutionary. This is why we want to take that good news into the hearing of others who don’t yet know about this incredible hope and freedom. Growth in faith happens through increasing obedience to what Jesus said, and stepping in his tracks more every day. That, we know, looks like service

Sports Friends coaches are volunteers within the local church who love Jesus and have a passion to reach out to struggling young people around them. This commitment to following Jesus by serving and loving others wholeheartedly also changes the lives of the coaches. In their obedience, they are met with God’s provision and empowerment. The Sports Friends structure includes the ongoing training of trainers and discipling of disciples. Just like Jesus, Paul, and countless others throughout church history have done. We are one Body, in this together, and eager to see our Body strong in every area. Consider how God is building His church through Coach Joseph.

Joseph was one of the pioneer coaches in Ghana. He was part of the very first Basic Training in the country. Currently serving as a youth pastor in his church, he had attended seminary and was deeply involved in spiritual mentoring. Coach Moses came from Nigeria to help train these brothers, the first Sports Friends coaches of Ghana. At the end of the four-day Basic Training, Joseph was amazed that he received even more powerful training than he had at Bible School. He felt better equipped to apply Scripture to his life and teach God’s ways to the players on his team. He learned how to do sports ministry. Quickly, Joseph’s team showed great growth in their spiritual lives and maturity because he was not interested in merely soccer coaching, but life coaching. Since 2012, Joseph has been training other coaches, and now is a regional coordinator for sports ministry. He is following up with other coaches to encourage them and has become an excellent storyteller to share throughout the country what God is doing in the church and community. He has recently formed a team near Bolgatanga, in Ghana’s northeastern “Land of the Crocodiles,” eager to build up the church by making Jesus known to many, and encouraging His followers to grow in faith, hope, and love.

Pray for Joseph, and other coaches who have been powerfully influenced and equipped by God’s Word through an effective mentoring model, who are boldly moving throughout their home communities and far beyond with the courage, wisdom, and joy of Christ.

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