Sports Friends in Ghana

By Kyle Abts


Ghana is home to almost 25,000,000 people from more than 52 ethnic people groups. Although the country is predominantly Christian (70%), there is, however, a significant population of people practicing other indigenous religious beliefs throughout Ghana.

SIM began working in Ghana in 1952. Originally, it was considered a field of Nigeria. However, the ministry quickly grew and projects launched SIM’s Ghana field, eventually establishing the Bible Church of Africa (BCA) denomination.

BCA has over 10,000 members and is spread from Navrongo in the north to Accra in the south. Sports Friends has enlisted my family and many local leaders with the desire to equip local Christians to be more committed in discipling and evangelizing through sport.


After more than 2 years of conversations, Sports Friends was able to sign an official partnership agreement with BCA in Tamale on August 18th! The relationship has been carefully nurtured and developed with many visits and trainings by SF Nigeria staff, so this was a big encouragement for us all to finally have the green light to really spread our ministry in Ghana.

SF has been strategically working with BCA since 2010 and both are eager to lay a solid foundation in Ghana. BCA President Rev. Stephen Aputara visited Ethiopia in 2010 and believes the seed is ready to grow! He has now appointed two great leaders, Ben and Josiah, to promote the SF vision in Ghana. These two came to Nigeria in 2011 for training and to witness SF in action, so they are ready to get to work!

There is considerable excitement at the potential of using the SF model in Ghana. The mission arm of BCA, the Evangelical Missionary Alliance (EMA), and the missionaries from SIM are eager to advance the SF vision and efforts. We all believe this will promote and assist efforts of evangelism and discipleship in the northern regions of Ghana.

Please pray for BCA, Ben, Josiah, and for us to see that a solid foundation is built in Ghana for SF. Please pray especially for Josiah, who will hopefully be joining us in Ethiopia for an extensive coaches’ training this October. Thank you for your support!

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